Loving Mutilating the Stars & Stripes

December 2019- ongoing


Research materials, screenshots from Google, found photographs (thrifted and from The Library of Congress Online Database), family photographs, trophies, coal, corn, C41 photographic scans, cyanotypes, canvas, oil paint

This work stems from my frustration at not being able to seperate my nationality from any aspect of my personality or identity. I often catch myself lost in a confusion of fact or fiction or somewhere in between. I often catch myself romanticizing America-- in the same way that I feel this very romanticism is tearing my country apart...this blind, submissive patriotism. 


I can’t seem to shake my nationality or even put it on the backburner of my thoughts and actions. I can't seem to shake my internal tension between wanting to celebrate where I come from and knowing that my version of home is built on hypocritical systems, false advertising and propaganda full of problematic rhetoric. I feel guilty between wanting to celebrate my version of home versus an objective, factual view of the country I call home. 

Trophies for America

Coal and Corn

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London, United Kingdom


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