Just in Case You Forgot

June 2019- ongoing


C-41 film scans


“It is no longer possible to ignore that voice, to dismiss the desperation of so many American women...I do not accept the answer that there is no problem because American women have luxuries that women in other times and lands never dreamed of; part of the strange newness of the problem is that it cannot be understood in terms of the age-old material problems of man… The women who suffer this problem have a hunger that food cannot fill.” 

- Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique, 1963


I have often struggled to define the complicated feelings I have towards my nationality. I have seen the privilege that accompanies an American nationality used as a scapegoat to ignore our wrongdoings. (Both domestically and abroad.) Much like Friedan illustrates in The Feminine Mystique, just because privilege exists, righteousness is not a guarantee.  


‘Just in Case You Forgot’ is a reaction to the overwhelming exposure to the American Flag throughout the American Midwest and the South. Far too often, American celebrates itself as a concept rather than through a thorough analysis of facts. 


In America, I have seen a rise in submissiveness and institutionalized blind patriotism. While I credit Donald Trump with this growth, there is a history of culturally learned blind patriotism. The work uses the lure of nostalgia as a tool to play into romanticism and to speak about the past influencing the future.

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