b. 1996 Dayton, Ohio

2019: BA Fine Art and Arts Administration

            The University of Kentucky

            Lexington, Kentucky

2021: MFA Fine Art: Media

            The Slade School of Fine Art

            London, United Kingdom

The work explores memory, sentimentality, and intimacy through the romanticism of personal histories, nationalism, and patriotic rhetoric. There is a delicate line between the autobiographical and fictitious. The work reveres intimacy and sentimentality but diverges between loving and haunting and anger and affection.


The work is a collection of memories (some true and some fabricated), songs, sentences, photographs, forgotten antiquated artifacts. Triggers from inanimate objects point to intimate memories of home, place, and family and past trauma.




          Photo Fringe: ‘Searching for Greener Grass’ (Online Showcase)

          (October; Brighton and Hove, UK)


          Online Auction: Lexington for Lebanon 

          (September; Lexington, KY, USA (Online))


          Wolfson College at the University of Oxford: ‘Words to be Looked At’

          (March; Oxford, UK)

          (The exhibition has been postponed due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.)



          Visiting Artist: High on Art and Coffee 

          (August; Lexington, KY, USA)


          Bolivar Gallery: ‘Hungry’ 

          (May; Lexington, Kentucky, USA)



          Visual Art Exchange Raleigh: ‘Under Pressure’

          (June; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)


          Bolivar Gallery: ‘Foundation Exhibition’

          (May; Lexington, Kentucky, USA)





          Awarded University College London Earth Sciences Graduate Residency 

          (March; Naples, Italy)

          (Due to COVID-19, I was unable to complete the residency. I hope to work with the department in the future.)





          The Slade School of Fine Art: ‘Creative in Isolation: Throwing Mamaw’s Handkerchiefs’ 

          (September; London, UK)


Work is in private collections in the US and the UK.

+44 73 42 87 31 77

London, United Kingdom


All rights reserved to artist 2020.

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