In my practice I explore objects, phrases, photographs, memories, and cultural artifacts that convey identity. My work suggests that mystification of the past influences an understanding of  life and identity more so than the present. To communicate this, I use the lure of nostalgia as well as stories and memories of my personal ancestral lineage.

Like nostalgia, many of the objects and images I use are deceptively comforting. In my work, I juxtapose iconography from past decades and the modern day to talk about the passing of time and with the passing of time, the continuation of traditions. The more time passes, the more these traditions are solidified within us.

Through our memories of the past, one grabs onto seemingly small things as a way to conceptualize their own relevancy and existence. Personal examples of these things include:

  • Crocheted and embroidered items (specifically doilies) 

  • Foods (green beans, chicken and dumplings, potatoes)

  • Music (Ralph Stanley, Loretta Lynn, Tom Petty, The Eagles)

  • Old Photographs

  • The American Flag

  • Landscapes

  • The memory of my great grandmother- Estelle Clark 

I am interested in the ways we, as humans, compartmentalize aspects of our identity as a way to understand ourselves. These things help us to do that. They are fueled by intimate stories and the connotations we associate with our own existence. I call this concept: Invisible Connectivity.  

A photograph is a split second of a memory as well as a tangible cultural artifact. The work is primarily created through analogue photographic processes. In a world over-saturated with images, I also use printmaking, various sculptural elements (primarily though fiber), sound and smell, and found objects.

b. 1996 Dayton, Ohio

2019: BA Fine Art and Arts Administration

The University of Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky

2021: MFA Fine Art: Media

The Slade School of Fine Art

London, United Kingdom

+44 73 42 87 31 77

London, United Kingdom

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