Meg Klosterman (b.1996; USA) is a visual artist and designer based in London. Her work has been shown in London, Kentucky, and North Carolina. She holds a dual BA in Art Studio and Arts Administration from The University of Kentucky and is a current MFA student at The Slade School of Fine Art.


The work is about how we inherit and accumulate trauma. With the coming of age, the world beats us down and leaves us with bruises. Some bruises fade over time while some seemly never fade. The impacts- visible or invisible- remain. The work stems from a romantic yearning  to find stability and refuge in the hold of people and places. Triggers from inanimate objects point to intimate memories from past personal and inherited traumas and traditions. In the work, there is a willingness to share, an openness, and a confessional voice. With all of the love we can take from the world, the world can take just as much back. This leads to a perpetual state of fear and gratitude.




          Saatchi Gallery: 'London Grads Now

          (November- January 2022; London, UK)

          The Slade School of Fine Art: Slade Summer Show 

          (July; London, UK (and online showcase)

          Minutes Exchange: ‘Box 3’ (Online Showcase)

          (March; London, UK)


          Photo Fringe: ‘Searching for Greener Grass’ (Online Showcase)

          (October; Brighton and Hove, UK)


          Online Auction: Lexington for Lebanon 

          (September; Lexington, KY, USA (Online))


          Wolfson College at the University of Oxford: ‘Words to be Looked At’

          (March; Oxford, UK)

          (The exhibition has been postponed due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.)



          Visiting Artist: High on Art and Coffee 

          (August; Lexington, KY, USA)


          Bolivar Gallery: ‘Hungry’ 

          (May; Lexington, Kentucky, USA)



          Visual Art Exchange Raleigh: ‘Under Pressure’

          (June; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)


          Bolivar Gallery: ‘Foundation Exhibition’

          (May; Lexington, Kentucky, USA)





          Awarded University College London Earth Sciences Graduate Residency 

          (March; Naples, Italy)

          (Due to COVID-19, I was unable to complete the residency. I hope to work with the department in the future.)





           Art Hole: February Edition

           (February; London, UK)

           Savage Journal: Issue 12 'Origins': 'Our Voices: Home' (p49)

           (January; London, UK)



          The Slade School of Fine Art: ‘Creative in Isolation: Throwing Mamaw’s Handkerchiefs’ 

          (September; London, UK)


Work is in private collections in the US and the UK.