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Throughout my academic art career I have always tried to have a solid, structured artist statement. It’s never happened. Personally, I feel as if artist statements limit my creativity. So instead of a statement here is a list of things I think about when making work: 

  • Historical ties between America and England

  • America Nationalism

  • Childhood and a loss of innocence 

  • The Coming of Age 

  • Disillusionment 

  • Family Tradition and values 

  • Romanticism 

  • The desire to hold the past close to me 

  • Memory and Remembrance 

  • Loneliness 

  • Masculinity 

  • Christian Nationalism 

  • Rituals of Catholicism 

  • Admiration for and rebellion from traditional gender roles 

  • The American South and Conservatism 

  • The relationship between gender and food and beverage

  • Class and privilege customs in regards to food

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